About TLC

The history and context

In 2008 TLC was formed by a group of 7 children, their parents and Aurovilians interested in education. By widening the learning field from a classroom setting to the Auroville community, real life becomes an opportunity for learning.

In 2012 Base Camp was established because the number of participants grew and brought its own challenges such as logistics, communication, etc. Though this physical campus gives us many opportunities, it is important to note that Base Camp is not the final destination, but a launch pad to venture further.

Base Camp is NOT viewed as a school campus with classrooms, but as a real-life opportunity for our community to grow together, to coordinate and collaborate. Maintaining a campus and being a part of a community offers many different ways for parents and children to get involved and take initiative and responsibility.
It is important to acknowledge that where we are today is not the end.

Joining a research project

As TLC is not a school with a predefined program or way of working, it is essential that those joining are open to allow that which comes. As a participatory research project, TLC is ever-changing and we constantly re-look at our aspirations and progress toward the vision. To keep this evolving organism alive asks for an eager curiosity, acceptance, openness for change, self-evaluation, and dialogue amongst all members of the community. Experience has shown that roles need to be clearly defined for progress and harmony.

Non-judgement is essential, especially as a parent, because you will not know what TLC will be, or understand its complexity fully. Meeting both the individual needs of children as well as the collective needs of the group requires deep insight and understanding of all processes. You do not join TLC to point fingers and criticize other community members, or the unfolding journey, but to see how you can contribute in a positive and constructive way through your own actions. Parents focus on their responsibility of conscious parenting and active participation in community, while facilitators hold the process of the individual and collective educational journey of the children.

Integral Education

  1. ME – Self Conciousness

2. US – Colletive Conciousness

3. WORLD – Global Consciousness

TLC Vision

To enable a clear sense of Self in children and adults through the living practice of integral education, where each part of the being is encouraged to blossom integrally and where children and adults, by living and working together, can grow more conscious of their inner being and develop all parts of their outer being (physical, emotional and mental).

Approach in TLC

One of the cornerstones of The Learning Community’s approach to education is the notion of Community-Based Learning, where learning becomes a process integrated into the Auroville community and beyond. Activities emerge out of the environment in which we participate, as well as from the children’s individual interests.

Program in TLC

We aim to make a very concrete step towards experiencing Auroville as a learning field and open the doors of the classrooms into the wider community, using Auroville’s richness and conscious research as our main learning resource. Parents are considered very important and are asked to participate. We focus on following the natural interest of the children and offer to each the best conditions for the blossoming of all their faculties, without being limited by fixed timing of school. Our camps and field trips are an important aspect of our work. Exposure to the wilderness provides a direct experience of wholeness. It is within this experience that children not only gain eco-literacy but also enhance fundamental qualities such as courage, endurance, effort, discipline, care and support for each other.

Aspiration Team (2021/2022)

The Aspiration team holds the long term vison and responsibility of TLC. Guiding its pedagogical and didactic aspects, the overall organization of the educational research, and community life with long term commitment.

4. Mira

5. Mrinalini

6. Margherita

Why TLC?

The “L” of TLC
Learning is an intensely personal affair and a function of necessity. It is an inner dialogue that one has with life. Through the varied dynamics of this dialogue, one grows as a human being through life long explorations, discoveries and understandings. The process of learning is of equal importance as the product. We aim at integrality and cannot involve only one part or function of our being.
We aim to keep alive the deeper potential of the individual, and prepare him/her as integrally as possible for the future. This way each can grow into a balanced and harmonious being, who can contribute to the making of a reflective and integral society. We wish for each individual to come to an understanding of the true purpose and significance of human life, both children and adults. This purpose serves as a lasting source of inspiration that carries us at every stage of our lives. Our work is guided by Sri Aurobindo’s three principles of education through a free progress methodology.

The “C” of TLC
TLC is not a school but a Learning Community because everybody is a lifelong learner, children and adults alike. No one is imparting knowledge to another, but learning happens everywhere and is a continuous process that emerges through interaction, and results in mutual transformation. This goes beyond the boundaries of the classroom and includes the home and larger community. Everyday life and every moment is the best school of all: varied, complex, full of unexpected experiences, problems to be solved, clear and striking examples and obvious consequences. Besides being an ideal platform for learning, the collective at TLC has intrinsic value in and of itself. We recognize the interdependence of all human beings and hold dear the principles of unity in diversity, of harmony, solidarity and care. This is reflected in the way we behave with each other, in how we make decisions, face their consequences and set priorities.

TLC Research & Report

TLC Research

TLC Documentary 2022

“Learning from the intangible”

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