Sara Madaschi

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My name is Sara, I grow up in a beautiful small village on the mountain in Italy.
With my family we travel in India from when I was a kid and I keep that connection even after my childhood, coming back again and again, after my diploma, between the different jobs I was doing, specially in an ashram on the feet of the himalaya, looking to find my spiritual path.
Life bring me back to my roots, at 24 years old I start the university.
I got a degree on science of education with a thesis on integral education in Auroville.
During my time of studying I worked as an Educator (teacher assistant) for kids with special needs in different schools in Italy.
I came first to Auroville to do an interneship exploring integral education in practice, with particular focus on awareness though the body in 2008.
After being here for few months, I decided that this was the place where I wanted to live, founding the perfect balance between the material and spiritual world. I came back to live in auroville in 2013.
I continue my journey in auroville working on educational fild, first working in kindergarten then joining tlc in 2014.
I am deeply grateful to be part of this project which is a never ending journey in deepening and implementing integral education.

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