Destination Summerhill Project

We are kids from an alternative school called TLC (The Learning Community).
The educational method we follow is called Integral Education and was created by Sri Aurobindo, an Indian philosopher.
We want to go to Summerhill school, in the UK, to attend a festival of childhood that they organize to celebrate the 100 years since this democratic school was founded. A.S. Neil, (the founder) was one of the first to believe that a school should be made to fit the children and not the other way round.
All kinds of alternative schools will gather during this unique occasion to learn from other’s experiences and to share our ideals.
The future is in the youth’s hands and, as Nelson Mandela said, “education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”.

So changing today’s educational system of a strict and competitive curriculum to an independent self driven learning path is, to us, essential.
That is our belief and what we want to share with the world during this international event.

To make this dream happen we are doing all we can; we filmed and edited the movie for the crowed funding page, we have been making and selling wooden boxes, organizing fundraising dinners, writing to different organizations or people to explain our project and ask for donations, etc.
We want to get there, and with your help, we can! 🙂

Now the crowdfunding is finished and the children got support from friends, the Auroville family, and from people around the world to raise all the funds needed! Thank you to all who helped make it possible!

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