“A Literary Cup of Tea” magazine

  • One of the early outcomes of this special lockdown year was that the older children arrived at the idea of creating a magazine, through which each one could write and learn about topics of their interest. These topics included story writing, jokes, research and journalistic writing, sharing a book or movie review and others.

 The small group met once weekly to progress together. They did fundraising to pay for the printing of the magazine, interviewed people, went out into the bioregion to get inspiration for their writing. They learnt layout and foundational knowledge for printing. Group processes and the dynamics of growing a new project offered many learning opportunities in various fields. The biggest value of this project was that it was completely child-led, child-motivated, child-driven, and executed by the children. They have produced three issues of their magazine during the past year, which they call the LCT – a Literary Cup of Tea.

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